Second Life: a new PR platform

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros is the only video game I play. It’s exciting, and most importantly, it’s two dimensional. I just keep running in one direction, and with practice and skills, I will beat the monster eventually.  

I did try a 3-D game once. However, after totally lost my sense of direction in the game, I declare, being lost in the real world is bad enough, I refuse to get myself in that position in a virtual world.  

So when my friends told me about Second Life: an online community designed for and by its users to communicate, I said “NO, not interested.” “You are missing out,” they said. “No, I am fine. I got my MSN and face-to-face kind of networking. I will be just fine.” That was my reply one year ago, and I soon find out how wrong I was and how much I was really missing out.  Continue reading

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Powerful Presentation

I came across this video a few days ago., founding member and frontman of Black Eyed Peas, produced it because he was inspired by Barack Obama’s New Hampshire Primary speech. Continue reading

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It’s official: I do not like snow anymore!

It’s snowing again! I thought this will all STOP after last week’s biggest snow storm of this year. It is after all March: birds should be chipping; flowers should be blooming, because spring should be coming! 

I loved the snow when I was little. I think they are fluffy, pure and dreamy. Since Taiwan does not snow. So I got those impressions from storybooks and movies. Imagine my excitement when I know I am moving to Toronto, a city that actually snows every winter! 

However, my fluffy and dreamy version of the snow started to shutter when all the shovelling started.  

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Bee Movie Inspiration

Bee MovieTo celebrate the foreseeable snow day, my siblings and I watched the “Bee Movie” last night.

The protagonist, Barry B. Benson, is a bee who just graduated from college and is disillusioned with his sole career choice: making honey. Wanting to discover more and make his life meaningful, he flies out of his hive and begin his adventure.

It is actually a light-hearted, cute little cartoon, but I was really into it from the beginning. I was really into it, because I can relate to Barry B. Benson. I can feel his anxiety about the beginning of his career and future. Continue reading

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What makes news? Sex scandal is always on the front cover!

As much as I’ve tried, it’s been hard to avoid the Edison Chen sex-photo scandal for the past few weeks. The story has dominated headlines and gossip circles in the Hong Kong and Taiwan media (MAINSTREAM media, I must add). It even made it to the Toronto Star’s World section few days ago.

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Happy Chinese New Year 鼠年行大運

This is my first Chinese New Year in Canada. I don’t really miss it much, except for the long vacation and family gathering. I lived in Taipei (Capital city of Taiwan) all my life, so Chinese New Year means a long relaxing vacation, which includes a lot eating and a family trip abroad. My family and friends don’t really participate in any traditional ritual associated with Chinese New Year.

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Super Tuesday~~are you voting?

I have been following the US primary election lately.

I am not really into politics, but this thing is BIG. News about the election is everywhere. It’s in the Toronto Star which I try to read everyday, in the CNN online headlines which I subscribe and most surprising it’s in the Taiwanese news which my mom watch when she’s home.

It’s hard NOT to pay attention, and I am not even living in the States!

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I never thought that I would be starting a blog, let alone a “professional” one. Gary Schlee, my professor at Centennial College and a social media expert, introduced me to a difference side of the blogosphere, the side that is used not as online diaries, but a forum for people to share professional knowledge. He even taught us three steps on how to start our own blogs:

  1. Read a lot of blogs
  2. Comment on blogs
  3. Post articles on your own blog

However, the more I read, the more I felt less confident about starting my own blog. There are so many PR professional out on the blogosphere already, what do I have to offer that would interest people?

Therefore, I have decided to use this blog to do what I do best….document what I had observed and learned, then ask questions J

So please comment away and enlighten me!

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